Wonderwall – Oasis


The storming hit Wonderwall by Oasis is one of the best songs to learn on guitar.  Firstly because everybody knows it and will sing on.  Secondly because it introduces a clever trick with the left hand.

The trick is to just leave your third and fourth fingers stuck on the third fret on the top two strings ALL THE TIME.  Your other fingers just move around that.

You also learn a semiquaver (16th note) strumming pattern.  This is quite tricky to begin with, so just build it up one beat at a time and you’ll soon get there.

You don’t have to play exactly the pattern shown, it’s really just an indication of the rhythm.  In fact on the original recording you can hear that he varies the strum pattern all the time.  This is one of the aims of your practice – to be able to play strum patterns randomly as you imagine the rhythms.


You can see that this is a nice simple chord progression in which you can leave your 3rd and 4th fingers sat on the 2nd and 3rd strings.  Notice that each line of lyrics has 2 bars of chords.  These are repeated lots, so you can play the chords and just change the lyrics for each repetition.

Strum Pattern

There are 4 beats to the bar and the groove is in semi quavers.

We’ll upload a video of how to do the strum pattern soon, promise!


== INTRO ==
Em7 2 G  4 |Dmaj9 2  A7sus 4 |   (4x)

== VERSE 1 ==
|Em7          2       G             4             |Dmaj9          2       A7sus  4
        To  - day  is gonna be  the day  that they gonna throw it back to you.        
        By    now you should've somehow      rea - lized what you  gotta  do.               
 I don't believe that any  -        body           feels the      way I   do    about you
|Cmaj9  2  Dmaj9 4 |Em7 2 3 4
== VERSE 2 ==      
Backbeat, the word is on the street that the fire in your heart is out,        
I'm sure you've heard it all before, but you never really had a doubt.       
I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now       

      |Cmaj9      2             Dmaj9        4               |Em7    2  3  4    
And    all the   roads we       have to      walk along are wi-inding       
And all   the    lights that le-ad us there  are bli-ind - ing      
                                                             |G      Dmaj9     Em7        4
      There are ma-any          things that I  would          like to say to    you but I don't know
      |A7sus  2  3  4  |Em7  2  3  4          
       how________                    Because
== CHORUS ==
|Cmaj9 2 Em7 4   |G    2       Em7          4      
 maybe.....            You're gonna be the one that 
 saves me                 And  after           aa-          
 all.......          You're my wonder          wa-

Last verse
Exactly the same as first verse except change “realized what you gotta do” to “realised what you're not to do”