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Here are some more reviews for guitar teacher Simon Jackson in Nottingham.  There are also some great videos of happy guitar students playing.  Enjoy!

“Simon is a first rate guitar teacher who really gets the most out of his students. He is both engaging and inspiring which has helped our son find the motivation to practice without being “nagged”. His focus on technique from day one has meant Byron has improved in leaps and bounds in the short time that he has been having lessons with Simon. I would recommend Simon to anyone thinking of taking up the guitar, whatever age you are.”

– Yvonne Richards – Byron’s Mum

“Simon is a very friendly and challenging teacher who really knows his stuff and I’m really enjoying the fun of learning.  I would recommend Simon unreservedly and I am really looking forward to future work with him.  For me, he is going into jazz and Brazilian jazz and improvisation which I really want to do.  Simon has the ability and experience to do that.  I hope to stay with him for a considerable length of time.”

–  John Shaw – Retired headmaster

“Can’t recommend Simon highly enough. A superlative musician and an exemplary guitar teacher with a facility in countless styles and genres. Jazz, Folk, Classical. Flamenco, Rock. You name it; he can play and teach it. Erudite, passionate and, above all, patient.  He possesses that unnerving quality in the best teachers of knowing exactly what you need from each lesson even before you’ve said anything. Great guitar teacher. Great guy. Book a lesson.”

–  Al Draper

“I had a few lessons from this legend many years ago, great teacher, great player, great guy! If you want to learn acoustic guitar this is the man to see!”


–  Daniel Dodson

guitar lessons Nottingham

“At what I shall only say is a more senior age, I decided to take guitar lessons.

 My hope was to learn a few chords and strum some simple popular songs. My only aim, at the time,  was to become confident enough to actually plug in an electric guitar at a guitar shop.

 After only a few lessons, Simon has convinced me I can do much more, particularly in terms of improvisation. The lessons are very enjoyable and tailored to suit my own musical tastes, whilst still learning the basic techniques required to play in a variety of styles.

I would recommend Simon to anyone who is serious about learning.  He is an excellent teacher and he can’t half play too!”

–  Dave Bostock

guitar lessons Nottingham


“I’ve had lessons with Simon before and he is a very patient & inspiring guitar teacher. Would highly recommend!”

–  Cibele Ponces Alvarenga

More testimonials

Having learned to play the guitar as a teenager, I had stopped playing on a regular basis and had forgotten most of what I had ever learned.

In the space of just a few months, Simon has helped me get my confidence back, has improved my technique, and all by focusing on my interpretation of the music. I’m now playing as well as I ever have, if not even better!

Not only is he an amazing guitar player, he is also a great teacher. He has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly what to say to help me progress, as well as being able to diagnose in seconds what technical issues I have and always knowing what exercise to prescribe to overcome them. He’s also given me good advice to help me make the most of the limited amount of time I have to practice.

But most importantly, lessons are great fun!

Caitlin Sorrell

I have been a pupil of Simon’s over the past academic year.  A teacher myself, I am impressed with his skill and teaching ability.

Simon genuinely enjoys his work, a fact which is obvious to those he has taught.  He is always positive offering constructive comments where necessary and much praise.  His method of positive reinforcement build the student’s confidence and encourages further development and experimentation.  The tasks set are well matched to the requirements and abilities of the individual.  Simon is aware of the need to develop both practical and theoretical skills.  He is very successful when motivating the student and is keen to generate an appreciative ear.  It is encouraging that Simon is ready to participate in the student’s learning and is attentive to the particular interests and demands of the individual.

A confident person, Simon has a professional attitude to his work.  Whilst always happy and lively he also has an air of authority which he uses to full effect.

I believe he possesses the necessary qualities to teach well and would not hesitate to recommend him, and I know he is eager to develop his already considerable professional abilities.

Helen McConnell

Simon is an excellent music tutor with extensive knowledge on theory, production and the guitar. My lessons with him have been challenging and interesting; most importantly they have made me think about music in a fresh and fun way. He is friendly, enthused and always listens to my questions. I would recommend him to anyone looking to start guitar for the first time or to develop their skills further.

Hector Lowden

Simon is a brilliant teacher, and so he becomes a good friend. He has taught me many new things, including; chords, scales, hand technique, to the basics of; plectrum position, guitar position and general knowledge of the guitar. These are just a few of the many things that Simon has taught me. Also, he has helped me to achieve well when taking my GCSE music practicals. I would recommend Simon to anyone as a teacher.

Chris Whybrow

Simon (Mr Jackson) has taught me guitar for over 5 years. In that time he has introduced me to many new genres and playing styles that has helped further my technique in playing the guitar. As well as performance, he has taught me a great deal of theory and harmony which has helped me pass my music qualifications.

Lee Emberton

So, there you go.  Lots of different ages, levels of ability and styles being played for fun and performance.

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