Terms and Conditions


It is an essential value of Express Guitar that all communication should be open and honest.  If you are anything short of delighted with the service we offer we really do want to hear about it so we can improve things.  Please use any means of communication but bear in mind that the most effective communication is face to face, or by video or phone call.

It is assumed that these terms and conditions have been read and agreed to by anyone taking lessons with us. 

Making Bookings

You can can make bookings online using our booking system.  This allows you to see our availability and pick a time to suit you.  You will receive a confirmation text and email and a reminder text and email 24 hours before your lesson.


  1. Payment can be made in cash or by card at the lesson.
  2. All fees must be paid in advance of or during the lesson.


No refunds will be given for any lessons for any reason.

Rescheduling and cancellation

  1. To reschedule a lesson please call 07969 632 951 or use the link you received in the booking confirmation text and email.
  2. If it is not possible to reschedule your lesson then please notify that you wish to cancel.
  3. You may reschedule or cancel a lesson as long as we are given at least 24 hours notice.
  4. Any lesson cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time will still be charged for.
  5. You only get one free taster lesson.