Play the music you love in next to no time

Everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves through music – including YOU!
That’s why we’ve come up with this very special offer – and it’s only available to students.

Playing music should be as free as speech.  At Express Guitar we have the playing and teaching experience and we have done the research to develop a unique learning system that makes this happen.

When you are seeking trustworthy, knowledgeable guitar tuition at a student accessible price – come to Express Guitar.

Affordable lessons for students

Get guitar lessons with master guitar educator Simon Jackson at a student friendly price.

A great way to study something outside of your course and learn something you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life.

What you will get

This offer is for four hours of guitar lessons at Express Guitar with master guitar educator Simon Jackson.

You will learn:

  • to position yourself and the guitar to make everything more comfortable and easier.
  • how to play chords musically by making sure you can play them rhythmically.
  • how to get the dexterity you need to master the guitar.
  • how to jam to any music you like.
  • all the necessary theory, techniques, chords, scale shapes.

If you are new to the guitar you will be able to play music in week one.

If you have been playing for some time you will make dramatic improvements in your playing and understanding of music.

Places are limited

Not like other guitar lessons

There is a well established tradition of teaching the guitar.  The problem is that this tradition doesn’t work all that well.

There is a huge range of learning materials available to students from guitar magazines, YouTube videos, and online lessons. The vast majority of it is misleading, disorganised and of very low quality and is given by unqualified, self taught guitarists who don’t really know what they’re doing or how they do it.  If you’ve tried them, you’ll know what we mean. 

Express Guitar is different

We base our teaching methods on thorough research into how we learn, what we think when we’re performing and the very best ways to practise.  These methods are based on research into psychology, neurology, language acquisition and of course the guitar and its music.

This is a great opportunity to get the best tuition around without breaking the bank.


Simon is a first rate guitar teacher who really gets the most out of his students. He is both engaging and inspiring which has helped our son find the motivation to practice without being “nagged”. His focus on technique from day one has meant Byron has improved in leaps and bounds in the short time that he has been having lessons with Simon. I would recommend Simon to anyone thinking of taking up the guitar, whatever age you are.
Yvonne Richards

Byron's Mum

“Can’t recommend Simon highly enough. A superlative musician and an exemplary guitar teacher with a facility in countless styles and genres. Jazz, Folk, Classical. Flamenco, Rock. You name it; he can play and teach it. Erudite, passionate and, above all, patient.  He possesses that unnerving quality in the best teachers of knowing exactly what you need from each lesson even before you’ve said anything. Great guitar teacher. Great guy. Book a lesson.”

Al Draper

Guitarist - Hayley Queen

At what I shall only say is a more senior age, I decided to take guitar lessons. My hope was to learn a few chords and strum some simple popular songs. My only aim, at the time,  was to become confident enough to actually plug in an electric guitar at a guitar shop. After only a few lessons, Simon has convinced me I can do much more, particularly in terms of improvisation. The lessons are very enjoyable and tailored to suit my own musical tastes, whilst still learning the basic techniques required to play in a variety of styles. I would recommend Simon to anyone who is serious about learning.  He is an excellent teacher and he can’t half play too!
Dave Bostock

Retired Managing Director