Express Guitar Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple.

We do not share data about you with anyone.  We keep the data stored to an absolute minimum.

Any time you receive any marketing email or social media advert you will have the opportunity to unsubscribe from the email list or block the ad.  If any of that system lets us down then please email [email protected] or phone 07969 632 951 to put a stop to it.



We don’t store your bank or card details

We do not store data about payment systems – cards, account numbers etc.  If you have enetered card details in connection with payment for any of our services then these details are stored on payment gateway, not by us.  So your details will be with Worldpay, PayPal, Stripe, or GoCardless.  We can sometimes see the last four digits of your card number but that’s it.  We don’t need to see them and don’t want the burden of keeping them safe.

We won’t be sending stuff through the post

It’s so last century and we don’t like licking envelopes.


Where we store data

We have four places we store data about our customers: this website, our scheduling/account management system, mailchimp and our phones.  We only store your name, email and phone number and a log of all communication with you.  All the places we store data are secure.  All data on our phones can be wiped clean to stop anyone else gaining access even if they stole the phone.

This website

This website has a members area containing handouts and material for the exclusive use of our customers and subscribers.  In order to access this area you will need to enter your email address and password.  This information is held within this website, is secure and is not shared with anyone else.  When you enter this data you will be asked to check a ‘GDPR’ checkbox to confirm that it’s OK with you if we send information about our offerings and the occasional newsletter.  We may also add the email address given so that you are shown our ads on facebook.  In fact we will probably use this to make sure we don’t waste money on showing you ads as you’re already a customer.  If you have checked the GDPR box giving us permission to do so then we will also store your email in MailChimp.


We use a scheduling and account management system called Teachworks to schedule lessons and to track when you’ve had and paid for lessons.

In here we have access to your name, email, mobile/phone number, address if you’ve entered it.  We do not share this data with anyone.

Anyone under the age of 18 has only their name stored as contact and payment is usually carried out by parents/carers/guardians.

When you sign up with us we will synchronise the emails in this system with MailChimp if you have clicked the box granting us permission to contact you with info and offers.

As stated above, card and bank account details are not stored in this system but are held by Stripe if you’ve set up that payment method.

Our phones

We store your phone number and email address in our phones so we can keep in touch about scheduling lessons etc when we are away from computers.  We use screen locks.  If any of our devices were to be stolen we would erase all the data remotely.




MailChimp is an email marketing system that allows us to categorise our customers and send them information about our services and offerings.  For example we used it to send emails to all our active students about the percussion workshop.  It allows us to make the email look nice and to make sure we are sending it to the right people. 

We will not use this system to send emails to anyone who has not checked the GDPR box granting us permission to send marketing emails.