All guitar lessons are charged by the hour.

All fees must be paid before or at the lesson.

We charge £35 per hour.  So a 90 minute lesson is £52.50, a half hour lesson is £17.50.

Some people are tempted to go for cheaper lessons, and there are plenty of guitar teachers around charging less.  So why pay more?  Well, the simple answer is that we offer the best value lessons.  This is because we offer you much more for your money:

  1. We have more teaching experience than our competitors.  If someone is charging less, they probably just teach part time or have little experience.  We offer you the benefit of 35+ years teaching experience.
  2. We offer you the benefits of proper teacher training – few guitar teachers are trained in teaching.  Our staff are trained in teaching through having worked as classroom teachers in schools or receiving training in how this is done.
  3. Most guitar teachers simply tell you where to put your fingers.  We offer properly structured courses of study that take you to your musical goals quickly.  This includes proper technical instruction, correct theory, interpretation, reading skills and structured methods for practising.  Most teachers of guitar do not have these skills – most will not even teach you to hold the guitar properly and can’t even read music.
  4. We also offer extensive online material to help support your learning.

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