Due to health issues we're no longer offering guitar lessons

Having run a very successful guitar teaching business in Nottingham, Simon Jackson is no longer able to teach privately.

I have left the website here for reference purposes – for ex-students and for those looking to learn something new.

Have a look in the ‘Knowledge’ menu above or grab a song from the ‘Songs’ menu.  I hope it helps you.

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Here’s why you should consider having guitar lessons.

who we teach 


Learn to strum a few chords, play some great riffs.  You’ll be able to play the music you love sooner than you’d think possible.  You’ll also discover that you can do so much more than just the basics because our rigorously designed system gets great results.

Late starters

“Have I left it too late to learn the guitar?”.  We often get asked this. Our response is clear – some of our most successful students are in their later years! So don’t believe the negative stuff about older people being slower learners.  In our experience it’s just not true.


The art to teaching younger students is in making them feel like they’re just having fun whilst packing in the learning. There are loads of reasons to send your kids for guitar lessons – cognitive development, self esteem, to pass grade exams … …


Are you looking for someone worth studying with? It’s hard to find teachers who really knows their stuff.  There are lots of teachers for beginners, but what about if you’re already a good guitarist? Our teachers have degrees in music.  They are also trained in our unique teaching system.
Simon is a first rate guitar teacher who really gets the most out of his students. He is both engaging and inspiring which has helped our son find the motivation to practice without being “nagged”. His focus on technique from day one has meant Byron has improved in leaps and bounds in the short time that he has been having lessons with Simon. I would recommend Simon to anyone thinking of taking up the guitar, whatever age you are.
Yvonne Richards

Byron's Mum

Can’t recommend Simon highly enough. A superlative musician and an exemplary guitar teacher with a facility in countless styles and genres. Jazz, Folk, Classical. Flamenco, Rock. You name it; he can play and teach it. Erudite, passionate and, above all, patient.  He possesses that unnerving quality in the best teachers of knowing exactly what you need from each lesson even before you’ve said anything. Great guitar teacher. Great guy. Book a lesson
Al Draper

Guitarist - Hayley Queen

At what I shall only say is a more senior age, I decided to take guitar lessons. My hope was to learn a few chords and strum some simple popular songs. My only aim, at the time,  was to become confident enough to actually plug in an electric guitar at a guitar shop. After only a few lessons, Simon has convinced me I can do much more, particularly in terms of improvisation. The lessons are very enjoyable and tailored to suit my own musical tastes, whilst still learning the basic techniques required to play in a variety of styles. I would recommend Simon to anyone who is serious about learning.  He is an excellent teacher and he can’t half play too!
Dave Bocstock

Retired Managing Director

Express yourself musically sooner than you would believe possible

Through outstanding guitar tuition, you will play guitar expressively within your first lesson!

experience the Fun, challenge and  excitement of learning

Learning is one of the richest experiences we can have.
Exploring is one of the most exciting.
Targeted learning is the most challenging.

Confidence: Every good guitar teacher relies on knowledge gained from studying not only the guitar and teaching methods but also psychology, neurology and linguistics.  Our methods are based on thirty years of teaching and studying how to teach.  We use that understanding to create a unique teaching method that makes learning effective, challenging and fun.  And we constantly seek better methods.

Care: We understand why you want to play guitar and we remain loyal to that goal.

Motivation: You will always understand how the stuff you’re learning helps you towards your musical goal – self expression.

Easy shortcuts: Good guides always know the shortcuts to speed the traveler’s journey – and the best views along the way.

Great value: Our guitar tuition is not the cheapest. It IS the best value tuition available.

what our students expect

We believe every person should have the opportunity to express themselves through music.

Playing music should be as free as speech.  Because we have the playing and teaching experience and because we have done the research our unique learning system gets you there in ways that others cannot. Our students are seeking trustworthy, knowledgeable guitar tuition.

Our students do not expect us to stick to tradition but to IMPROVE the tradition.

Our blog articles and Facebook posts

Here are a few of the posts we’ve put up to enrich our students’ learning.  Don’t forget to like our Facebook page to stay in touch

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Guitar Arpeggios

Guitar Arpeggios As with most aspects of learning the guitar, there's a lot of misinformation out there about guitar arpeggios and how to play them.  It is often stated that arpeggios are something you learn once you're an intermediate or advanced player.  That...

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What are you waiting for?  Get Learning and practising!!