All the notes on the guitar neck

Here’s a colour coded diagram of the guitar neck up to the 12th fret.  So you can find any note on any string.  If you want to find the # or version of the note just move up or down one fret.  So if you want a C#, find a C and then go up one fret to be on the C#.  If you want a Bb just find a B and then go down one fret to find the Bb.

How to learn all these notes

There’s a lot of information to memorise here, so do a little bit every day – 2 minutes a day is optimum and over a couple or a few months you’ll have it all memorised and be able to name or find any note really quickly.

Just follow these steps.

First memorize the notes on the 5th and 6th strings. Do 6 notes at a time.
1. All the green ones (5th position)
2. All the blue ones (1st position)
3. All the pink ones (10th position)

Then learn the rest of the fretboard.
1. Memorise all notes at one fret.
2. Memorise all notes on one string.
3. Memorise location of every A or every B etc.

Practice this for 2 minutes every day until it’s easy!