Where to find us – Directions

Below is the address a google map and directions to the guitar teaching studio.  We are at

67 Mansfield Road

We are above the Fox Talbot Coffee Bar.  There is a bus stop right outside.

This is very close to the junction between Mansfield Road and Woodborough Road, a few doors up from the International Community Centre in the direction of Dave Mann’s music.

Express Guitar

We’re above Fox Talbot Coffee Bar.

Come in through the coffee bar entrance.  When the coffee bar is open, come straight in.  When it is close use the intercom system and we’ll buzz you in.


There is on metered street parking on Mansfield Road and all the roads around the area.  Charges are £1 for one hour and 50p for every half hour after that.  You can pay for parking with coins, cards or even use the RingGo app or phone number.

Free Parking

There is free parking for 2 HOURS on North Sherwood Street at the top of the hill end after Alpha Terrace heading away fro the city.


This is the view of the building from outside:

Looking downhill, towards the city, on Mansfield Road.
Looking uphill, away from the city on Mansfield Road.