Student Successes

Here are some of our guitar student successes with the guitar.  It’s not all about the certificates, but they do act as nice milestones and we love the look on students’ faces when they get them.


Emily (15) got her Grade 5 Classical guitar and passed with a high Merit grading.

She had to work really hard to gain enough strength and flexibility, especially in her left hand.

A good practice schedule and a determined attitude (she’s a really hard worker) paid off!

Her result was especially impressive as she took Grade 3 piano in the same exam period.


Byron’s Distinction at Grade 4 (when only 12) was well earned.  He left it rather late to get on top of the practice, but then pulled all the stops out and gained really good control of all the requirements.

Most students have a particular style they play much better than the other styles.  Not so with Byron, he really surprised me with how well he got into the phrasing necessary for all musical periods and styles.

He has been working on his Grade 6, but has recently been swamped with rowing and basketball activities – he competes for the East Midlands.  It can be tough being multi-talented.

We hope he’ll find time in schedule again some time soon and be back for some more.

Gabrielle did a great job in her Trinity Initial grade in Classical Guitar scoring 95%.  I’ve seldom seen such a praising exam report sheet.

It was a treat to play her accompaniment for one of the pieces on the day.

Next up we’ll be working on getting more tone and projection from the guitar.


Joe (21+) got a Distinction at Grade 2 classical guitar.

If Joe likes a piece he will spend ages on it getting just the feel he wants.  Sometimes I have to steer him to the feel the examiner might want, but he’s adaptable.

This was after about a year’s lessons.


Amlyn (21+) got a Distinction for Grade 2 classical guitar.  He is now working towards grade IV.

His specialism is on the more traditional, classical sounding pieces.  One of the faster learners we’ve had.


These are not the only students who have achieved grades – but we didn’t take photos of the others.

What is of note is that we have only ever had passes for our students.  The vast majority of exam candidates from initial grade and so far up to Grade 6 have all achieved Merits or Distinctions.

Most have been exams in classical guitar but there have also been a good number of Rockschool passes too.

And there are many more to come – and you could be one of them if you like.

Current ambitions are to get a few more up to grade 8 or diploma level and to include more exams on electric and acoustic guitar.