Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about guitar lessons at Express Guitar.

If you would like to ask anything else then of course we would welcome your phone call on 07969 632 951.

Do I have to have my own guitar?

Once you are underway with learning any instrument you will need to practise at home on a regular basis.  So it will be important to have access to a guitar on a daily basis.

If you don’t own a guitar yet we advise you come for your taster lesson and we can show you the different types of guitars and recommend the right places to go to locally for the right sort of instrument for you.

What ages do you teach?

6 to 76!

We teach all ages. Our youngest students are around 6 years old.

The oldest person we have had come for lessons was 78 when he started.  Two years later he was playing on stage at his church!

I'm a complete beginner. Is that OK?

Of course!

We teach students at all levels.

We enjoy teaching beginners because we see such rapid growth. Each new ability is such a joy and surprise to the student, and that’s what makes us happy in our teaching.

We usually find we are more patient than our students and have to teach newcomers how to be patient with themselves in order to make better progress.

I've been playing for many years. Can you help me improve?

We are confident that no matter what your level of experience we will change the way you think about and approach music for the better and you will make much better progress than you have ever done before.

We don’t teach the way any other teacher teaches.  Based on the research and methods of the company founder Simon Jackson we have a new approach which allows you to think very differently about guitar playing and practice.

The big difference is that we teach in ways that take you directly to the end goal you have.  No learning loads of different great big scales with complex names, we simplify things, and that allows you to focus on music rather than scales and chords.  And we know the best ways to practise in order to get the results you want, fast.

No, other teachers do not know this stuff – we’ve been searching online for some time and nobody seems to know what we know about guitar playing and practice.

Where are you?

We are at 67 Mansfield Road, Nottingham, NG1 6FN – quite close to the town center.

For maps, video and pictures click here.

When do we teach?

We are open seven days a week.

We have slots from around 10:00am through to 8:30pm.

You can see our availability using the online booking system here.

What do lessons cost?

Our basic ‘pay as you go’ rate for private lessons is £30 per hour.

There are discounts for students, group lessons and bulk orders.

For all the relevant fees see this page.

How long are lessons?

We teach in half hour blocks.  For younger ones we suggest just half an hour every week.

For group lessons, adults, anyone studying at around grade 5 or above we recommend 1 hour a week or more.

Some students come for a 90 minute session every week, some for 2 x 1 hour a week.

Remember that if you are studying more than an hour a week, you will probably want to take up the bulk discount offer.

How do I book lessons?

The easiest way to book lessons is to use our online booking system, that way you can easily see our availability and choose a time to suit you.

Don’t forget that if you’re new to Express Guitar your fist 30 minute session is FREE!

It works just like booking cinema or theatre tickets.

If you already have an account with us don’t forget to login using the link at the top right of the screen!

What styles do you teach?

The quick answer to this is ‘everything’.

Between us we have expertise in rock, jazz, classical, folk, flamenco, percussive guitar, slide, metal, funk … .. you name it.

See each teacher’s individual page for more detail about their background.

We are all unified in our teaching methods which are informed not just by guitar playing and teaching but also by psychology, neurology, skills acquisition and speach acquisition.  It is these things that make our teaching exceptional.