Guitar Practice With A Drum Beat

I like to use real drum beats when I do guitar practice.  It’s just more interesting than a metronome. They also generally help you to feel bars better, so you will tend to get more musical results from your practice.

You can use any sort of drumming of course, like using a keyboard or a drum machine or drum loops but they don’t have the same feel as a real drummer.

On these videos you’ll see the drummer playing (kind of). That really helps because you can watch the motion of his sticks to keep you in time. Generally the drummer’s right hand (often playing the high hats) will play in quavers (two strikes per beat) and this can really help your time keeping. These drum tracks also contain a variety of fills that show when four bars or eight bars have finished. They can make the practice experience much more interesting and can even be a little distracting. Getting distracted can be really useful because it’ll show you whether you’re really comfortable with whatever you’re playing. If your playing falls apart when you’re a little distracted then you probably don’t know the part quite well enough yet. So, here’s a load drum tracks at various tempos.

40 bpm

50 bpm

60 bpm

70 bpm

80 bpm

90 bpm

100 bpm

110 bpm

110 bpm

120 bpm

130 bpm

140 bpm

150 bpm

160 bpm

170 bpm

180 bpm