Drones are a really useful tool for helping you learn how to improvise.  They allow you to hear the quality of a variety of scales over a drone, so you learn how each note sounds in relation to a root note - the drone.

Here we present for your delectation some trippy drone tracks for you to practise with.  We've covered all the notes of A major.  This means there are drones for each of the notes of the A major scale - A B C# D E F# and G#.

Each track contains just the drone note - there are no chords.  So for example the C# track just contains the notes C# at various octaves and set to a beat.  This means you can play absolutely any scale or chord that contains the note C#.  For all you modal thinkers out there (and you should come for some lessons to see how you're making things hard for yourself!) this means you could play C# Lydian, C# Dorian or any other scale that contains C# - so yes even F# Lydian b7 or G Lydian b7.  For Express Guitar students just do your usual thing connecting shapes all over the neck, any way you like as long as there's a C# in there somewhere.

So, here are the drones: