Budapest – George Ezra

Budapest is a super easy version of this song for beginner guitar.  You’ll see that there is just one chord shape using two fingers that you move around. Budapest is a a great song for helping you to learn how to strum the guitar accurately too because you’re only trying to hit two strings. Another big advantage to this arrangement of Budapest is that we’ve written it out with only down strokes, on every beat and every ‘and’ between the beats.  This makes it much easier to learn how to strum chords and sing at the same time and because the tempo is not too slow you’ll learn to strum quite quickly. Once you’re feeling confident with nothing but down strokes you can start to hit the strings as you move the plectrum back up ready for the next down stroke.  This gives you all sorts of possible rhythms.  Get creative and enjoy.


Budapest is a very simple structure.  It’s verses with a refrain and choruses.

It has a refrain at the end of each verse – – is a line that gets repeated with the same words in every verse.

So the structure is:

Intro, Verse+Refrain, Verse+Refrain, Chorus, Verse+Refrain, Chorus x 2,  Verse, Chorus x 2, Verse 1 again, fade.

Strum Pattern

There are 4 beats to the bar in this piece.

We’ll upload a video of how to do the strum pattern soon, promise! This strum pattern is the simplest ever so its a great way to get a feel going with your right hand whilst changing really simple chords with your left hand.

Stroke: D D D D D D D D
Count: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +



==VERSE 1==
   G    2        3    4      |G    2      3        4       |G    2     3        4  |G    2     3      4
     My house in Buda-pest my   My hidden treasure chest,        Golden grand pi-ano   My beautiful Castillo

C  2   3   4  |C  2     3          4       |G 2 3 4 |G 2 3 4
You, ooooooooo,You, oooooooo,  I’d leave it all
   G    2        3    4      |G    2      3        4       |G    2     3        4  |G    2     3      4
     My acres    of a land       I have  achieved             It may be hard for you to, Stop and believe

      |D       2        3      4        |C        2         3    4   |G    2  3  4 | G  2  3  4
    1. Give me one good reason Why I       should never     make a  change                      And 
    2. baby    if you   hold me   Then aall  of   this will go   away
==Verse 3==
 G    2           3    4      |G      2         3      4  |G     2           3       4    |G       2       3      4
   My many        arti-facts    The   list goes on            If you just    say the words   I’ll  up and  run
==CHORUS X 2==
==VERSE 4==
 G    2           3    4      |G      2         3      4  |G     2           3       4    |G       2       3      4
   My friends and fami-ly They, don’t understand            They fear they’d lose so much  If, you took my hand
==CHORUS X 2==