Black Magic Woman – Santana (thanks to Peter Green)

Another guitar classic Black Magic Woman is a great vehicle for improvisation.  It’s also a good study of blues playing.

The lyrics may not win any prizes, but this is a vehicle for instrumental music rather than a ‘song’ really.

Listening to different versions of this song by Santana and Fleetwood Mac will reveal just how much Santana was influenced by Green’s playing.  You hear very similar phrases at very similar times in the song often.

Black Magic Woman is also a good way of showing how much can be done with blues progressions by adding in other sections and riffs.


This is a 12 bar chord progression which gives a blues feel, with a couple of extra bits for excuses to play lots of solos. 

Strum Pattern

There are 4 beats to the bar.

We’ll upload a video of how to do the strum pattern soon, promise!

This strum pattern is in semiquavers and starts on beat 1.
Stroke:  D     U X   U   X   U   X   U
Count:   1 e + a 2 e + a 3 e + a 4 e + a


Here we’ve shown some ‘extended’ chord shapes.  The symbols above the lyrics just say Dm, but you can use a Dm7 to make a richer sound.  The same goes for the Gm.  If you want a simpler style then just use normal minor shapes.  We’ll be looking at some other possibilities in the lessons.


== INTRO ==
4 bars Dm.  
Then guitar solo over 12 bars of verse progression
Then keyboard solo for 8 bars over Dm
==  VERSE 1 ==
                   |Dm    2  3  4      |1   2     3     4    |A7  2  3  4 | 1  2  3   4
I got a black magic woman,                I got a black magic woman                 I got a
                   |Dm    2     3    4 |1     2   3       4      |Gm 2 3 4 |1  2  3   4
                    black magic woman   got me so blind I   can't see               I got a
                   |Dm    2     3    4   |A7        2      3     4     |Dm 2 3 4 |Dm      sh        sh      sh
                    black magic woman she try'in to make a devil out of me          Don’t turn your back on me ba-     

== VERSE 2 ==
|Dm    2  3  4      |1      2         3       4    |A7  2  3  4 | 1  2  3      4
-by,                  Don't turn your back on me ba-by                   Don’t turn your
|Dm      2     3    4 |1     2       3          4          |Gm  2  3  4 | 1  2  3      4
 back on me ba-by,      Stop messin' round with your tricks                      Don’t turn your
|Dm      2     3    4   |A7         2          3     4   |Dm 2 3 4 |Dm      sh       sh       sh
 back on me ba-by,     I might just pick up my magic   sticks               Got your spell on me ba-

== GUITAR SOLO FOR 2 VERSES finishing with the ‘Got your spell ..’ pickup ==

== VERSE 3 ==
|Dm    2  3  4      |1      2        3        4    |A7   2  3  4 | 1  2  3  4
  --by,                     got your spell on me ba---by                    Got your
|Dm       2     3    4 |1     2    3     4   |Gm    2  3  4 | 1  2  3  4
 spell on me ba--by,    turnin  my heart into stone                      I    
|Dm      2     3    4   |A7         2          3     4   |Dm 2 3 4 |Dm      sh       sh       sh
 need you so bad, magic woman I can't leave you alone

== OUTRO - GO CRAZY OVER D7 with C5, B5, A5-D5 riff ==

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