Guitar Lessons In Nottingham

  • In need of guitar lessons in Nottingham?
  • Frustrated by your lack of progress?
  • Finding out how bad online lessons can be?
  • Confused by books and YouTube videos?
  • In need of guidance from a teacher you can trust?

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It can be really frustrating when you really want to learn to do something and don’t know how to get started.

I remember how frustrated I was – I so wanted to be able to play blues licks, or jazz chords, or just faster.

guitar frustrationI bought books (that always just confused me), got dodgy advice from friends who were in the same position as me and went to teachers who frankly let me down.

Even when I took a degree in music I found out that many teachers just don’t know how to teach.

What you end up with is hundreds of hours working away at the instrument and never getting to the point where you can really express yourself.

Sometimes you feel like giving up!

Many have felt that!

I have seen this hundreds of times!

People have come to me as complete beginners without a clue of how to start, who don’t even have an instrument yet.  And I’ve had people who’ve already done degrees in music and are still frustrated by their lack of ability on the instrument.

All have found they make faster progress, know where they are heading and are getting results beyond what they thought they were capable of.

But what I’ve found

guitar teacher nottinghamWhat I find, time and again, is that with the right approach,  good practice methods, proper technical instruction and achievable goals – all these problems go away from the first lesson.

Instead you’ll feel you know what to study, how that will help you achieve your goals and a sense of ongoing achievement.

When you come for guitar lessons in Nottingham with me I will not just teach you all the information you need to know to achieve everything you dream of with the instrument. Not only that I will show you the most effective practice methods – much of which no other teacher knows.

Choosing a guitar teacher

Choosing a guitar teacher can be difficult.  Everyone makes the same claims about how long they’ve been teaching and playing.  So on that score:

  • I’ve been playing for 37 years
  • I’ve been teaching for 30 years
  • I have a degree in music
  • I have extensive professional performance experience
  • I have written a successful guitar tutor book

So this shows that I have more experience as a teacher than anyone else in the region.  But these things don’t tell you much about the quality of teaching.  I’ve met people who’ve played for longer than me who still can’t really play very well and just because someone has taught for a long time doesn’t mean they’re any good at it.

So here’s what I believe should make your decision easier:

  • I am a fully trained classroom music teacher with experience teaching GCSE and A level music.
  • I have also studied extensively to learn the best methods to train people to play an instrument.  (You can read some of my research here.)  The methods I’ve come up with ensure better progress for you.

If I could show you in HALF AN HOUR how to positively transform your playing and practice would you be interested?

And what if I offered you that FOR FREE?

All you have to do is give me a call on 07969 632 951 and you can get started!

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